Thank you for your interest in Crimson Melodies Publishing! Below you will find a list of what we’re looking for and how to submit your work. Expect this page to be updated and double check our guidlines prior to submitting.

  • Our doors are open to the genres of dark-fantasy, horror, paranormal, or similar interests.
  • We are currently not open for novel-length manuscripts, unless in the form of a serial for BloodtideZine.

Please click on the links below to submit online. Submittable will allow you to upload your piece, and log in to check on its status at any time.

  • For any story being submitted for our consideration: You must hold all relevant copyrights in order to grant us permission for use.
  • Be sure your full name and address appear within your submission file. Feel free to include any other information you would like the editors to know about your work.File types accepted: Word (DOC and DOCX), and RTF.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Writers must notify us immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.
  • It is not necessary to query us first.

Note: By submitting, you agree to let us occasionally email you relevant announcements. Any email you receive will contain the option to unsubscribe from said announcements.

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Works to be included in our ezine, Bloodtide, at,.

Reprints accepted. Please no multiple submissions.

This is currently a non-paying venue.


Flash Fiction - Stories <1k

Short Fiction - Stories between 1-3k

Serial Fiction - Stories over 10k able to be segmented into 2-3k word installments over several weeks or months of ezine updates. The story should be completed prior to submission for serialization and a total word count must be given. Please attach the first 5k.

Guest posts are for topics other than books, television, and movies. All topics must be relatable to dark-fantasy, horror, or the paranormal/supernatural.

This is currently a non-paying venue.

Guest posts can include, but are not limited to:

  • general or specific knowledge about history, myths, and legends
  • general or specific knowledge about urban legends (local to your area are preferred)
  • commentary/opinion about your genre, and how it has changed (or not) over the years
  • commentary/opinion about supernatural creatures and how they have changed (or not)

Reprints are okay. Send a link rather than a file if the article has already been published on the web.

Include any relevant link-backs you will want to have included with the article. This can include links to author blogs or published works.

Fee is $3. Please only submit books within our genre interests. We will not return the fee if you fail to adhere to guidelines.

Blurbs are posts just like any other article on our site. They will have their own featured category, and will be visible on our homepage for 2-3 weeks after the initial posting.

You must submit one week in advance.

Please include:

  • release date
  • (or link to) the cover image as a jpg or png
  • "back of the book" blurb
  • relevant web links (publisher, author blog, trailers, etc)
  • where to purchase

This is for a blurb only. BloodtideZine does not take review submissions at this time.